Lash Growth Serum
Lash Growth Serum
Lash Growth Serum

Lash Growth Serum

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Byner’s growth lash serum grow your natural lashes longer, fuller, beautiful and thick GUARANTEED TO WORK ‼️  ( CONTINUE TO READ FOR INGREDIENTS, DOS AND DON’TS )



  • Apply to a Clean, Freshly Washed Face – Use a mild cleanser to remove dirt, oil, and makeup, and completely dry the face before applying your lash serum. This will create a clean canvas for the lash serum to perform best.
  • Apply to the Upper Lash Line – Just as you would liquid eyeliner, always apply the lash serum along the root of your upper lash line. Use the lash brush to work your way along the lash line from the outer to inner corner, being cautious to not get it in your eye.
  • Take Care of Your Lashes – While using a lash serum, it is best to be extra gentle with your eyelashes to reap all the amazing lash serum benefits. Avoid things like excessively scrubbing the eyes when removing makeup, wearing false lashes, or over-pumping your eyelashes in an eyelash curler. All of these things can cause damage and prevent the lash serum from fully working.
  • Use Consistently in Your Daily Routine – Try placing your lash serum in an easy to remember spot, such as on your bathroom sink, nightstand, or makeup vanity, and use at the same time daily. I prefer keeping mine on my nightstand and applying it about 10 minutes before bed each night as part of my nightly beauty routine.


  • Apply Makeup Immediately After – You want to give the lash serum plenty of time to absorb into the lashes, which is why I recommend applying at night time. If you must apply during the day,wait at least 5-10 minutes before applying makeup, to ensure it has time to work its magic.
  • Apply to Bottom Lashes – Attempting to apply lash serum to the bottom lashes will only result in getting product in your eye and cause irritation. As directed above, apply lash serum only to the upper lash line, and it will still help improve the look of your bottom lashes.
  • Re-Dip and Apply Excess Product – 1 dip of lash serum is enough for both eyelashes, and multiple dips simply wastes the product and you risk getting it in your eye. Lash serum is highly concentrated and a little goes a long way.
  • Skip Days – I think it goes without saying that skipping days is just going to further delay the process, so make sure you are consistent in applying the lash serum each and every day. In doing so you’ll have beautiful, longer-looking lashes in no time !


  • Vitis Vinifera - an omega 6 fatty acid to combat hair loss, its a lightweight oil so it want weight down your lashes.
  • Simmondsia Chinensis - protect the hair follicles which allows the eyelashes to grow longer and thicker and it will not dry out your lashes.
Lash Growth Serum